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The American Soldier  

PLEASE HELP me encourage producers and theatres to bring the show to Los Angeles and San Diego. 

Are YOU a Veteran? Blue or Gold Star Family?

“Powerful one man show that honors our veterans and their families.” - Broadway World

The American Soldier is a solo show based on letters written by veterans and their families from the American Revolution through current day Iraq and Afghanistan wars. It help us understand why it is so difficult for our veterans to come home after experiencing combat, and honors the incredible sacrifices made by our veterans and their families. 

It has performed at the Kennedy Center, Off Broadway, Library of Congress, The American Legion’s National Headquarters, New York's Federal Reserve, and across the country for over 10,000 audiences and veterans. 

Nominated for Amnesty International Award for Theatre Excellence 

“Flawless and powerful.”  

  – The Huffington Post  

“...he gives each voice a sensitive, moving presence…He is utterly unbelievable.”  

  – British Theatre Guide  

"...go see The American Soldier this inauguration weekend."  

  – The Washington Post  

"The American Soldier is definitely one of the five things you want to do this Memorial Weekend."  

  – The Austin Chronicle  

"His one-man show honors our veterans in their own words."  

  – The Military Times  


"Your play, and performance was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen on stage. It is a voice for veterans. Thank you sir!"  

- Marc Coveli, Purple Heart Recipient, Veteran of Iraq & Afghanistan

Douglas Taurel has been nominated for Innovative Theater Award and Amnesty International Award for theatre excellence. 

He’s appeared in numerous television shows including The Affair, Mr. Robot, The Americans, Blue Bloods, Person of Interest, The Following, Damages, NYC 22, Believe, and Nurse Jackie. 

He's known in the indie film world and has appeared in numerous independent films, including The Cobbler (starring Adam Sandler and Dustin Hoffman directed by Tom McCarthy), Delivery at the HBO Latin Films Festival, the The Kindergarten Teacher (starring Maggie Gyllenhall and directed by Sara Conlangelo). Also appeared in Delivery at the HBO Latin Films Festival, Help Wanted (Cinequest Online Viewers Choice), La Vida Blanca (L.A Film Festival Winner), and Hagondes (CUNU Festival Winner). His short film Siesta was officially selected and screened at The Big Apple Film Festival, The Atlanta Short Fest, AADA New York and AADA Los Angeles Film Festivals, and the Hamilton Festival. 

Taurel has perfomred in numerous Off Broadway stages and was commissioned by the Library of Congress to write and and perform his second solo show, An American Soldier’s Journey Home which commemorates the ending of the First World War and tells the story of Irving Greenwald, a soldier part of the Lost Battalion. He performed the play twice at the Library of Congress on Veterans Day and Memorial Day of 2017.  

He’s recently finished filming the Web TV Series Landing Home, which he wrote and directed and it tells the story of a Veteran coming home and learning to adjust back to normal life now out of the Military.